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6 Vacation Ideas for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Whether you’re single, married, have a caregiver, have a traveling companion, or live alone, there are some once-in-a-lifetime destinations and tours available and designed specifically for you — even for seniors with limited mobility issues. So where are we headed?   We have listed 6, United States based, destinations that provide tours and activities for […]

Did you know Around the Clock Care accepts long-term care insurance?

Seniors are already dealing with physical and emotional stressors that come with aging, don’t let financial stress be added to the mix! This is why we happily accept long-term insurance at Around the Clock Care. If you need more information on long-term care insurance and how it works, keep reading! How long-term care insurance works […]

15 Life Changing and Easy Plant Care Tips

It’s no secret that plants have a way of making any space feel uplifting and vibrant. For many seniors, plants can give them something to care for and brighten up their indoor or outdoor living spaces. Plants clean the air, boost your mood, and give a much-needed routine for the senior in your life! Here […]

10 Unique Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day

Another year of mom saying she doesn’t want anything. We know, we know you have no idea what to get her. After all, how do you repay a woman who has done so much for you? Here are 10 unique and sentimental gift ideas for all of the special ladies in your life!    1. […]

8 Tips for Dealing with Aging Loved Ones

According to a study done by Penn State, about 77% of adult children feel that their parents/loved ones are stubborn about taking advice or receiving help with daily tasks. The cycle of asking to help and getting turned down can be monotonous. Fortunately, we have some tips that will help make your situation feel less […]

5 Ways to Stay Connected to Seniors during COVID-19

In order to keep our seniors safe and slow the spread of COVID-19, they have placed heavy restrictions on the 65+ community. They have been restricted from their daily leisurely and group activities, as well as seeing their loved ones. This has left many of them feeling isolated, anxious, and lonely. Seniors with dementia and […]

Caring for a Senior with Post Holiday or Seasonal Depression

  Caregivers are often the first to notice when a senior’s mood or behavior seems “off.” It should be noted If the senior in your care seems unusually irritable or disinterested in activities that they previously found enjoyable. Consistent mood changes, trouble sleeping, and even a decline in personal hygiene can be signs of depression […]