Susan Hayes – Caregiver Profile

How long have you worked for ATCC?

It’s been right around a year, maybe a little over

Why did you decide to become a caregiver?

As you get older you see how your family spreads out and they don’t always have time for their loved ones. It just makes you aware of the client’s need for socialization. I want to be there for them.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love to sew, I like walking and I enjoy working out with light weights.

What is your caregiver background/experience?

I was a nanny for children for 16 years. I also took care of two separate women for about a year each.

Any advice or tips for anyone is the field of caregiving?

Be careful and check with your clients before you start working in their home and make changes to their homes and schedules.

Why do you think in-home care is so important?

It enables our clients to continue living their independent lifestyle.

Why did you choose to work for Around The Clock Care?

You all were just so nice when I came into the office. You were warm and friendly and genuinely seemed concerned to find the right people for your caregiving positions.