6 Vacation Ideas for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Whether you’re single, married, have a caregiver, have a traveling companion, or live alone, there are some once-in-a-lifetime destinations and tours available and designed specifically for you — even for seniors with limited mobility issues. So where are we headed?


We have listed 6, United States based, destinations that provide tours and activities for people with limited mobility!


1. Niagara Falls


The vast magnificence of Niagara Falls cannot be overstated. You can fly, drive, or even take the Amtrak to this breathtaking destination. For the best views and experience, take the famous river cruise The Maid of The Mist Boat Tour from the New York side of the falls. If you’re feeling adventurous, you may want to check out the Cave of The Winds Tour (with an elevator ride that goes 175 feet down into the Niagara Gorge). There are also trolley and bus tours. 


2. Branson, Missouri 


Or what we like to call, the affordable, easily accessible and comfortable Las Vegas. Branson has become one of the most popular vacation destinations for seniors and a favored location among travel groups for single seniors, especially if you’re active and enjoy outdoor activities. Golf, museums, shopping, live shows and music are just some activities you’ll enjoy. Recently given the title “Live Music Show Capital of the World”,  Branson is a happenin’ place. 


3. Florida


Sunshine is the best medicine, after all. Florida has a consistently warmer climate and ocean views around every corner. The growing population of retirees of all ages has lead many companies an resorts to cater to active retirees, as well as those with limited mobility. 


4. Hawaii

While Hawaii is known as an expensive and adventurous state, more and more seniors are heading there for vacation. 

The good news is there are travel discounts and special packages designed specifically for you, like senior tours at a gentle pace, allowing you to see the best of this tropical paradise. Enjoy learning about the natural wonders and volcanos as well as touring Pearl Harbor with a visit to the USS Arizona Memorial for some important U.S. history.

5. Alaska


Take in the beauty of 20,000 glaciers, wildlife, and 17 of America’s 20 highest mountain peaks. While cruise lines are a popular way to see the beautiful state, they aren’t always budget friendly. The Alaska Marine Highway System and Alaska Railroad Corporation make for great, affordable alternatives to enjoy the views! 


6. Colonial Williamsburg, VA


Once the capital of Virginia, this place is flooded with single seniors on a budget every year. Visit the museums, homes, churches, and shops that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry once wandered around. There are frozen-in-time activities such as hand-weaving cloth, make wheels, silver shaping, and candle making, perfect for all ages!


If you are a person with limited mobility, there are travel sites such as Wheelchair Travel Worldwide Resources that can help you research traveling in different parts of the world with a wheelchair. Even if you don’t use a wheelchair, these resources will make it clear what sites have more accommodations for people with disabilities. 


Source: https://www.seniorly.com/resource-center/senior-living-guides/6-vacations-for-seniors-with-limited-mobility