What is Respite Care?

Respite Care is a temporary or short-term solution for your loved one’s unique in-home care needs. Clients who choose Respite Care typically need caregivers to fill intermittent gaps in the current care plan schedule. This service is well-suited for families who have already have a full-time caregiver (usually a family member), but need extra support during work hours, vacations, and weekends.


Relieve your full-time caregiver

Providing in-home care for a family member can require complete concentration and constant attention during care hours. If you or a member of your family currently provides care for an aging parent or grandparent, you already know how tiring this task this can become. In order to relieve your current caregiver, we offer our Respite Care service as additional support for the current caregiving routine. With Respite Care, you can ensure that your family always has a professional, in-home option for Companionship and Personal Care Services.

Create your own flexible arrangement

No two Respite Care plans are the same. Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to completely customize your loved one’s Respite Care according to the unique needs of your family.

Our clients turn to Respite Care…

• When the full-time caregiver is at work.
• During family vacations.
• Throughout short-term hospital stays.
• In any other interim of full-time care.

Receive dedicated care in any facility

Like our other services, Respite Care is offered as an in-home and an in-facility service. In hospitals, Respite Care can give your family overnight relief from watching over your loved one. In assisted living facilities, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, Respite Care can be coordinated with existing medical and professional services in order to prevent any lapses in care. Our trained Respite Care caregivers provide professional and compassionate attendant care and specialize in both Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care.